And the bush has friends to meet him, and their kindly voices greet him, In the murmur of the breezes and the river on its bars,
And he sees the vision splendid of the sunlit plains extended, And at night the wonderous glory of the everlasting stars.

Banjo Paterson (1889)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ancient Landscapes

The sun rises again over the ancient landscape at Wodgina.

Some more of that wonderful sky that looks like it's wood or cloth on fire.

Old mountain ranges that are almost worn way.

The line of hard quartz forming the backbone of the ancient range runs to the horizon.

Fresh water in an old river system is a rare sight in this arid land.

Only a small set of pools among the sandstone rocks and nothing else for many miles..

The water attracted aborigines to this rock, leaving many ancient etchings.

A varanid?

A gecko?


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Great pics as usual Richard - the more you post the more i need to book that flight and reaquaint myself with those reps, landscapes etc!
Marvelous stuff...keep it comin



Robby said...

Awesome sky photos and cool blog. Thanks for the comments.


Wilma said...

The red sky, the red rocks, the red soil of landscape are gorgeous and made even more interesting by your commentary.


yen said...

lovely sky watch...