And the bush has friends to meet him, and their kindly voices greet him, In the murmur of the breezes and the river on its bars,
And he sees the vision splendid of the sunlit plains extended, And at night the wonderous glory of the everlasting stars.

Banjo Paterson (1889)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Birds of Herdsman Lake

A compilation of the birds found at Herdsman Lake in Perth, Western Australia. As most of this footage was gained during winter, many of the birds are not in their full breeding plumage.

Only 7km from the city, Herdsman is a great place to see Perth birds as you can get over 70 species in a day just around the lake.

The birds in the video are Australian Reed-Warbler, Welcome Swallow, Freckled Duck (rare), Australasian Shoveler, Black Swan, Blue-billed Duck, Grey Teal, Black-winged Stilt, Coot, Australasian Grebe, Dusky Moorhen, Purple Swamphen, Buff-banded Rail, Great Egret, Glossy Ibis and Nankeen Night-heron.


Wilma said...

My 3 cats came over to watch the video with me after hearing all the bird noises. We were all enchanted with it. ;-)

Andor Marton said...

Those Australasian Grebes looks exactly like the Little Grebes that I've photographed a few weeks ago in Hungary. This video was very interesting.

Anonymous said...

This is lovely. Our pond is mostly frozen over and the waterfowl has left for any open water they can find. I have a video camera. I should get out and use spring...

just a suggestions. If you set your blogger comment settings to 'pop-up' instead of 'embedded' it will be easier to leave a comment. I had to use IE instead of firefox.. Michelle