And the bush has friends to meet him, and their kindly voices greet him, In the murmur of the breezes and the river on its bars,
And he sees the vision splendid of the sunlit plains extended, And at night the wonderous glory of the everlasting stars.

Banjo Paterson (1889)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Borneo Birds Video Reloaded

It's reloaded! This is very first video footage I took of some Bornean birds, with the new Canon camcorder during Christmas 2008. It was a big learning curve in taking footage and video editing, and still is, but it's good fun.

The birds in the video are Diard's Trogon, Mountain Wren-Babbler, White-browed Shama, Indigo Flycatcher, Flavescent Bulbul, Grey-throated Babbler and Little Pied Flycatcher.

This video now looks a lot better in this larger format, but HD takes too long to load and looks a bit jerky on here. If you do want to watch this or future videos in full HD, I suggest going to the Youtube site, though at the moment you still may have some problems.

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